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Reservation Procedure – Simple and Transparent

Our explicit, clear and informative reservation process ensures that the clients and guests are imparted with all the relevant information on the accommodations and services, their plans, their costs and value, and the governing terms and policies before they book. The procedure as detailed under is designed so as for the clients and guests to make a well informed and aware decision.


Reservation Request

Forward a reservation request using any of the following options

- Submit an online enquiry form available on the relevant webpage of the hotel or the tour/package

- Send us an e-mail specifying

Name(s) of the Hotel(s) and/or Details of the Tour(s)/Package(s)

Check-in and Check-out dates

Number of Adults and Children with their respective age

Number and Category of Rooms required

Preferred Plan

Any other requisite details

- Speak to one of our reservation executives



We shall respond by e-mailing a formal ‘Proposal’ detailing the proposed accommodation(s) and/or service(s), their plans, their costs and value, the payment terms, and other requisite information and/or policies, if any.



Make advance payments as per the payment terms stated in the Proposal.  Send us intimation to this regard by responding to the Proposal e-mail against which the payments have been made.


Confirmation and Exchange Order(s)

On receipt of advance payments, we will e-mail ‘Confirmation’ and/or ‘Exchange Order(s)’ confirming reservations of the accommodation(s) and/or service(s) therein. The guest(s) will need to carry the Exchange Order(s) that may be required for registering with the accommodation and/or service provider(s). As per the government regulations, every Indian adult guest travelling within the country will also be required to present any one valid photo identification from Passport, Voters Card, Aadhaar Card and Driving Licence, PAN card may not be accepted as a valid identification; while every guest, including the minors, travelling to or from a foreign country will be required to present the passport with a valid visa. The age proof will be additionally required for all the minors and senior citizens.


Terms and Policies

The usage of this website and/or all the transactions made by/with Earthsong Hotels, including proposals and/or reservations made for any accommodation(s) and/or service(s), are subject to the ‘Terms and Policies’ published on this website; as accessed through the hyperlink at footer of this page. By ‘using this website’, ‘making any transactions and/or reservations’, ‘accepting the Proposal and/or Confirmation/Exchange Order(s)’, ‘making full or part payments’ and/or ‘using any accommodation(s) and/or service(s)’; the user(s), client(s) and guest(s) implicitly agree to accept all such terms and policies, and certify to be legally competent to accept all of such terms and policies. The sole and the only recourse for the user(s), client(s) and/or guest(s) who do not implicitly agree to accept, are not legally competent to accept and/or do not understand any of such terms and policies or any portion thereof is to refrain from ‘using this website’, ‘making any transactions and/or reservations with Earthsong Hotels’ and/or ‘using any accommodation(s) and/or service(s)’.

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