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we research & create the best choice collection of splendid hotels & holidays;

make it available online for you to seamlessly search, locate and select;

manage the entire process of reservations for smooth and effortless travel;

deliver each time to the Earthsong Benchmarks of professionalism and integrity.


Earthsong Hotels   the finest ‘experience’ hotels


Earthsong Hotels is a premiere consortium of the finest ‘experience’ hotels that are truly exceptional in location, setting, design and services. The collection ranging from fabulous resorts to wonderful hotels to classic lodges and luxury camps highlights the very best in every region and category. Each hotel is personally reviewed by the expert Earthsong Team before it is considered for selection to the bouquet of choices we make available to you. Only a select few hotels that meet the Earthsong Criterion of Excellence, and offer splendid experiences at the most exotic locations are incorporated. The research process is ongoing, and any new exciting properties discovered are added to keep the list fresh and imaginative at all times.


Earthsong is a travel research company that also offers out of the ordinary designer holiday packages and tours, wherein magnificent hotels at the carefully chosen destinations are bundled along with the point to the point transit services, culinary delights, activities, safaris, excursions and day outs. Backed by the team of passionate footloose travelers with a unique blend of expertise in hospitality management, destination marketing, itinerary planning and creative services; Earthsong provides meticulous, experienced and pro-active services geared towards enhancing the overall holiday experience.


The Earthsong Plus – extended courtesy at best rates

Earthsong maintains an exclusive relationship with all its member hotels and service providers; and when you book through us, as an Earthsong Guest you enjoy extended courtesy and extra special care. Furthermore, we offer the best available rates for all the hotels and the holiday packages and tours in our collection.


The Finer Details – complete holiday management

Earthsong not only give pictorial information on the experience, accommodations and facilities offered but also help you plan your activities, excursions and day outs; update you on the topography, weather and clothing; and provide you with the directions, maps and distance charts. The Earthsong Team will be happy to assist you on any additional information that you may require.


The Freedom of Choice – customized tailor made packages and tours

Earthsong believe that every traveller is different and has unique needs. We offer customized specially designed packages and tours to meet individual preferences and budgets. The widely travelled Earthsong Team shall assist you in selecting suitable destinations and hotels, sort out your itineraries, advise you on the activities, excursions and day outs, and also provide you with the point to point travel assistance.


The Corporate Travel – meticulous planning and execution

Earthsong Professionals, with their expertise and vast experience in handling the corporate travel, fully understand the intricacies involved. Be it the meetings and conferences or be it the outbound training and workshops, we at Earthsong meticulously take care of all the finer aspects to enhance the overall experience.


The Web Philosophy – clean, uncluttered and easy to navigate

The web design of is based on the philosophy of keeping it simple, clean and uncluttered. The easy navigation system ensures the natural flow of the desired information, and the concise appearance makes it easy for the user to figure out what to do and where to go.


The Ethics and Transparency – explicit and unambiguous communication

Our explicit, clear and informative reservation procedure ensures that all the relevant details on accommodations, services, and their costs are imparted before you book; so as for you to make a well informed and aware decision. Moreover, in a bid to be transparent and ethical, we have laid down clear-cut terms and policies governing the usage of this website and any transactions you make with Earthsong Hotels. You are advised to update yourself with such terms and policies published on this website so as to avoid any ambiguities or confusions.


This website is wholly owned, created, managed, maintained and controlled by Earthsong Hotels, a proprietorship having its principal place of business at Delhi (India). ‘Earthsong’, ‘Earthsong Hotels’, ‘Earthsong Holidays’ and ‘’ are the trade and service marks, logos, names, devices that are used by and refer to Earthsong Hotels.




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